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Welcome to Pyramid Software Solutions - offering web design and software development in the midwest area. We offer a variety of services including software development, web design, and mobile app development.

Our goal is to offer your business high quality development for an affordable price and to always be available to give you an update on progress or to answer any questions you may have. We use the latest development tools and concepts to make sure your software, app, or website is maintanable and ready for the future.

Specialized Web Design

Using technologies like WebGL, we can make your website stand out from your competitors

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We are a small freelancing web design and software development firm that's dedicated to working closely with you on your project

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Web Design

Contact us for either a new website or modifications to an existing website. For new websites, we develop in the ASP.NET MVC 5.0 framework. Our websites are designed responsively to look great and behave correctly on any screen size. We also emphasize dynamic design using jQuery and AJAX. We also offer the development of web related applications such as WCF and Web API (REST) web services.

Android and iOS App Development

We support mobile app development for both iOS and Android devices. Right now, we only offer app development in the Xamarin framework. Xamarin is a Microsoft framework that allows native apps to be written in C# for both Android and iOS devices.

Software Development

Contact us for the development or modification of any type of desktop software. We offer development of Linux/Windows C++ applications, .NET (C# or VB) framework applications, and Java applications. For new applications, we prefer developing with WPF (C#) using a MVVM design pattern. We can also help you or your company convert legacy software to modern frameworks (ex: VB6 to VB.NET).

Now Offering 3D Web Design

We are now offering ThreeJS / WebGL development to provide clients with the option to create very unique websites that are sure to catch visitors' eyes.

WebGL technology allows 3D graphics to be displayed natively in all of today's major desktop and mobile web browsers. This allows for design possibilities that have not been realistic until now. Very few companies have yet to utilize this technology, so working with us to incorporate WebGL into your web design is a great way to make your website stand out in a drastic way.


WebGL is not yet utilized by many companies, and using it is a great way to make your site stand out from your competitors. WebGL allows us, as web developers, to create both 2D and 3D effects that have previously not been possible with traditional HTML and Javascript. This can not only give users of your website a visually pleasing experience, but a feeling that your company is cutting-edge technologically.


WebGL scenes render immediately on mobile devices unlike video content which requires the user's permission before playing. This gives an opportunity to create immediately dynamic, eye-catching content that is not normally available on mobile devices.

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Learn more about how we can use WebGL to increase web traffic and user satisfaction for your company's website.

WebGL Examples

Here are some examples of widgets and background scenes developed by Pyramid Software Solutions. These can be modified, expanded, and personalized to fit your web site. These can even be integrated with your existing website.

These design concepts allow for an opportunity to greatly improve the look of your site without a complete re-design. Of course, we can also work with you to develop custom widgets and scenes from scratch, specifically for your website.


3D gallery that can be used for images, news articles, or any collection of thumbnailed links. The gallery uses real-time reflections and can be mixed with regular HTML.


This is an example of a 3D Earth being rendered in real-time with WebGL. The example also shows the benefits of using real-time 3D content rather than video content.

Video Processing

WebGL can be used for real-time video processing. This example demonstrates this with a distortion effect each time the user clicks the video.

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